Infographic On Home Buyers And Sellers

     The real estate market and its many components are constantly changing. Obviously, someone involved in the real estate industry as a professional, should have a keen understanding of these shifts. However, it is a good idea for any potential buyers or sellers to know the market they're about to jump into. Below, is an infographic chart provided by The National Association of Realtors that gives us the latest information on who's buying and who's selling, as well as their methods for doing so.



     The National Association of Realtors also released a study earlier this month, the 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, that offers some new and exciting statistics. All of which pointed to one overall trend- an older, wealthier population of buyers and sellers. In this video, Jessica Lautz, NAR's director of survey research and communications, highlights and explains these findings. Follow the link below to view the video on YouTube.




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